You can redeem your Google Play gift card purchased from our site in two ways:

1. From Play Store [Method 1]

Go to your Play Store application. Make sure you are logged in to your account. Click on your account icon on the top right. You will see a page like this: 

Click on ‘Payments & subscriptions’ which will lead you to this window: 

Click on ‘Redeem gift code’


Enter the code you received in your Email and press redeem. 


N.B. If you are trying to redeem a US gift card from another country, this method may not work without a VPN. To ensure you receive the credit from the gift card, do this:

  • Clear the data of the Play Store app.
  • Use a VPN that can be connected to the US. 
  • Log into your Google account and redeem the code now. Contact us if you face any issues and we will make sure you receive your credits! 

2. From Web [Method 2]

You can also redeem the code from After visiting the site, click on ‘Redeem’ in the left window. 

After that, you will see a pop-up like this where you can type in your gift card’s code and redeem the credit:


Use a VPN connection to the US if you are unable to redeem it from a different country! 

What Precautions You Should Take before Using Google Play Card

Make sure you take the following precautions before using a Google Play Card:

  • Purchase the Play gift card from a trusted site. 
  • Make sure you have a working VPN that can be connected to the US. 
  • Do not delete the mail sent to your Email address. 
  • Do not try to redeem a wrong code too many times.