Google Play Gift Card FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Google Play Gift Card

Is Google Play Gift Card Available in Countries other than the USA?

There is a list of countries other than the USA where you can get a Google Play Gift Card. For example Australia, India, Singapore, etc. Even if you live in a country where Google Play gift cards are not available, you can still purchase gift ca...

Can I Convert My Google Play Credits to Cash?

Google Play Card’s credits are non-refundable. As a result, there is no official way to convert your play credit into cash. Even though some websites claim to do it for you, we do not recommend that you do that! 

Can I Get a New Card if I Mistakenly Scratch off the Code on the Card?

If you purchase a Google Play card through email, you will get a digital code instead of a physical card. So, there are no chances of scratching off the codes. However, if you have purchased a physical copy of a card and accidentally scratched o...

How Long Is a Google Gift Card Code?

A Google Gift Card code is 16 digits long.

Is It Possible for Google Gift Cards to Expire?

Fortunately, Google Gift cards no do expire! As a result, you can redeem a gift card purchased from us anytime you want! However, it is best to redeem it sooner than later so that you do not lose it. 

How Do I Check the Balance of My Google Play Gift Card?

When you purchase a physical or digital copy of a Google Play gift card, the balance information is already provided on the card or digital copy. 

Can I Activate My Google Gift Card Online?

Yes! You can activate your Google gift card online from the “Redeem gift card” option in “Payment & subscriptions” in your Google Play app. From the Web, you can do it from the “Redeem” menu in .